To many people, the term “BGTOLL BG” may sound like gibberish. However, as soon as you get to know the Bulgarian road system, it quickly becomes clear. It means nothing other than the Bulgarian vignette known as BGTOLL.

As in many other countries, you can now buy your vignette for Bulgaria online. Thanks to this digital system, travellers driving through the country to reach a certain destination will no longer have to stop. Instead, they will be able to purchase the vignette before they even start their journey.

That way travellers can drive on Bulgarian roads without risking paying a fine due to missing documents. The BGTOLL BG can be obtained quickly and easily online.

The Bulgarian Vignette BGTOLL BG is exclusively available online or at some local points of sale.

BGTOLL e-vignettes

To simplify the toll system, BGTOLL e-vignettes were introduced a few years ago. Bulgaria has completely replaced the “old” vignettes with the electronic BGTOLL BG. They came in form of a sticker and had to be attached to the windshield until a few years ago, Thus, the original version no longer exists today.

The Bulgarian BGTOLL BG vignette is now available exclusively online or at some local sales points. The process online is simple: you only need to state a few details about yourself, the vehicle and, just a few minutes later, you will receive your desired BGTOLL product. See for yourself and make your choice below.

BGToll BG Conclusion

For motorists travelling from one place to another within or through Bulgaria, there is almost no way to avoid the toll routes in Bulgaria. The process of purchasing a Bulgarian BGTOLL vignette for the road sections has been greatly simplified due to the electronic system. No more stopping or waiting. You will receive your confirmation just a few minutes after your online purchase.