For motorists, it is a must to buy the e-vignette for Bulgaria (aka Vignetta Bulgaria) before going on holiday. The reason for this is that the system was digitalised a few years ago. Now there is only the digital vignette available. Bulgaria is following other EU countries that also introduced the online system some time ago.

Even holidaymakers who previously stopped at one of the sales points along the way are now familiar with buying the Bulgaria vignette online. No more waiting and paperwork—paying the toll for the roads in Bulgaria has never been so easy. Order your digital e-vignette for Bulgaria today and your trip can begin immediately.

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With the help of our unique platform, you can easily purchase your Bulgarian vignette.

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Using our unique platform you can buy your Bulgarian vignette with ease.

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We inform you about all the vignette rules, categories and tollroads.

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You can always access your purchase history via our site.

The vignette and toll system in Bulgaria was revised in 2019.

E-Vignette Bulgaria - Only electronic BGTOLL available

The vignette and toll system in Bulgaria were revised in 2019. Drivers who were previously sent a vignette by post (regular mail) in the form of a sticker will now receive their vignette for the national roads online.

Thanks to the electronic BGTOLL, as the vignette is now called, drivers no longer have to wait for their documents to arrive at their home.

With the new system, all the necessary documents are sent quickly and easily by e-mail. The fact that the system has been simplified due to the introduction of the electronic BGTOLL is therefore beyond question.

Buying a vignette for Bulgaria - Where and how?

If you want to buy one of the “new” e-vignettes, you have several options to do so. Stopping at former sales points is no longer necessary. The vignette is now no longer available in the form of a sticker that is attached to the windshield of the car.

Nevertheless, there are still some local service stations that distribute the vignette. However, if you do not want to stop, you can choose the easier option and buy the electronic vignette for the country’s motorways and expressways online.

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Anyone who wants to buy one of the


Our portal,, is a safe and reliable point of contact for travellers who want to buy the Bulgarian e-vignette. Even drivers who previously chose the “offline” option—that is, the original sales points—are now making use of the online offer.

All you must do is provide some basic information on our portal. For the desired vignette to be registered and issued correctly, the following details are required.

  • Vehicle data
  • Duration and start of the trip
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Method of payment

The registration can only be completed correctly if all travel details and vehicle data are correct. Travellers should therefore check all information before placing their final order. Then, the selected product is placed in the shopping cart and paid for. Confirmation is received by e-mail shortly after making the payment.

One of the major advantages compared to the sticker vignette for the windshield is that the online version is sent to the driver immediately. It is delivered via e-mail just a few minutes after the purchase. So, after paying the fees, your trip can begin immediately.

Before using the country’s toll roads, you should know how the electronic vignette is monitored. The car’s license plate is used for this purpose. Fixed and mobile video surveillance systems along the roads can easily control if a vehicle has a valid vignette.

If you drive on Bulgaria’s national roads without registering your license plate, you will inevitably face a fine.

ADAC is not a sales point

Contrary to what many drivers may assume, the vignette for Bulgaria is not available at the ADAC. The fees can only be paid at the previously mentioned sales points.

Official vignette for toll roads in Bulgaria

There are some rules about the road toll in Bulgaria that differ from the rules in other countries. Therefore, we will cover the basic information about the toll in Bulgaria. By using this guide, drivers who run into a traffic police spot check, will be well informed.

Motorcycles excluded

The general rule is that on Bulgarian national roads, all motor vehicles are obligated to have a vignette. However, there is one type of vehicle that this rule does not apply to: the motorcycle. All other vehicles, including cars with trailers, caravans, or motorhomes, require an e-vignette to use the local toll roads.

To find out whether you need a vignette when travelling through Bulgaria, you must also consider the vehicle’s total weight. In Bulgaria, the limit for passenger cars and alike is 3.5 tons. Motor vehicles that exceed this weight either require an additional vignette or must pay a route-dependent toll.

Additional fees: Crossing the Danube

The cost of the vignette depends not only on the vehicle’s weight but also on the route you take. For the route across the Danube, heading towards Romania, additional costs are due.

Truck tolls

In 2020, a separate rule was implemented for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons. The rule states that vehicles over the specified weight must pay a distance-based toll. The prices are calculated with a special device (on-board unit) and paid via a card, also known as a route pass.

The special toll for trucks and other “heavy” vehicles (e.g., towing vehicles with trailers) applies not only in Bulgaria but in various EU countries.

Bulgarian vignette: Prices in 2024

As far as the price of the e-vignette for Bulgaria is concerned, you must pay attention to the validity period you choose. There is no distinction between the individual types of vehicles, but mainly between the periods in which the e-vignette should be valid.

In Bulgaria, a vignette that is only valid on weekends, a weekly vignette, a three-month vignette, or even a yearly vignette is available. Which vignette to choose before paying is, of course, up to the driver and your travel plans. Prices range from 10 Levs (approx. 5 Euros) to 97 Levs (approx. 50 Euros).

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